About CU

USA Born - Made for the World 🌎 

This a small veteran-owned business that originated in Utah, USA. As the creator of this brand, my background has been in the physical fitness industry, the military, law enforcement, and studies in psychology and sociology.

I wanted to create a symbol to inspire anyone to promote its meaning. The hexagon represents the molecular structure of Carbon. This is the element in all living things. Over time, heat and pressure, it can form into diamond. So Grow You. No one can be you but you. You are unique to this world. As unique as…that’s right, a unicorn. So Be You. And then Protect You and others by at least being aware of what’s around you and others symbolized by the alicorn on its head.

We live in a world of so many influences and symbols. Carbon Unicorn is a reminder of the good to sustain and share with the world. So Grow You, Be You, and Protect You and others. Be a Carbon Unicorn.


    Is the building block of life and in every living thing. Carbon has a molecular structure of a hexagon. Under enough time and pressure, it can develop into a diamond.


    Are mythological, mysterious, maybe even magical creatures. They're a unique lost species that is not only protective but potentially extremely dangerous.


    We all have our own unique attributes and qualities. Carbon Unicorn brings you into the family that shares this ideology of: