About CU

USA Born - Made for the World 🌎 

This is a small veteran owned business that originated in Utah, USA but is made for the world. This brand is for those operating through life in their own way.

Growing into something greater than they were in whatever way they can. As carbon forms into a diamond. The decision to do you without the worry of what others may think. Embracing your own unique personality, skills, and traits. Like a unicorn is rare, there is only ONE you.

Doing so while looking after those around you as well. Being kind but also capable of being protective when duty calls. Why else would a unicorn need the horn on it's head?


    Has a molecular structure of a hexagon. Under enough time and pressure, it can develop into a diamond. It is the building block of life and in every living thing.


    Are mythological, mysterious, maybe even magical creatures. They're a unique lost species that is not only protective but potentially extremely dangerous.


    We all have our own unique attributes and qualities. Carbon Unicorn brings you into the family that shares this ideology of: