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Carbon Unicorn

BraceLit Personal Alarm

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World’s first emergency alarm bracelet with a built-in flashlight – Louder, brighter, and more attention grabbing – comfortable fit and built in battery for recharge – charge cord included

  • Designed with personal and family safety in mind
  • Super lightweight & durable components utilized for a comfortable fit
  • Engineered to produce a powerful audible siren with colorful alternating LED’s
  • Powerful main white LED to provide powerful illumination for your immediate surroundings
  • Detachable wristbands for individual customization

Customer Reviews

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Kevin S.
Fantastic product!

Works as advertised. For me, It provides a little bit of comfort when my daughters are out and about. If nothing else, they can hold this up against some jackass's ear and do some damage.

Thanks for your review, Kevin. Protect You and others through Awareness!