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Carbon Unicorn

Lifting Straps

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These heavy duty nylon lifting straps are a must have when lifting! Whether you're needing that extra grip for a heavy Pull-Day or you just like to have a good all around grip, these are for you. These utilize a hexagonal silicon pattern for a firm grip while dawning the woven symbols of Carbon Unicorn and it's three hexagons. Grow You (Pink) - Be You (White) - Protect You (Blue).

Customer Reviews

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Sean D
Best Lifting Straps I Have Used

I’ve been working out for 38 years, and have been incorporating lifting straps for 35 of those years. These are the best I have ever used. Perfect length, perfect grip and epic design. The superior quality means these straps are long lasting, and the CU graphic grip gives you the extra leverage to reach the next level. I highly recommend these straps!

What an amazing review! Thank you, Sean. Glad you love them!

My new straps

Listen once I was taught how to properly use these, man let me tell you it allows me to not have to worry about grip while I’m flowing with lat pulls. This allows me to use more wait and still focus on proper technique. Love these!!!

Awesome to hear, thank you for the review!

Mike A
CU weight straps

Got my CU weight lifting straps super fast. They are comfortable and padded to help with lifting heavier weights. The gripping surface keeps the bars from moving in your hands as you are pulling up or down. I’m very pleased with these and CU!

Great job CU TEAM!

Awesome to hear! Thanks for the review, Mike!

Robert Buck
Lifting straps

I love these straps, I wear them everyday, they are sturdy and have lasted longer than any other straps I have tried. I love the design and they have a lot different color options, I highly recommend them.

Awesome, thank you so much. Glad you love them!